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Glocorp is the partner of choice for customers pursuing global and local expansion strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa through our unique end-to-end analysis, support and implementation program that deliver new technological frontiers to society and industry. Glocorp offers world-class partnership services specific to the ICT and Energy sectors focussed on growth, digital transformation and clean energy access landscapes. We pride ourselves as Growth and Delivery Specialists ensuring rapid business success in the Industries we service. We’ve done it before. We will do it again.



Renewable and clean energy technologies are contributing significantly to carbon-neutral strategies. For developing regions these technologies contribute to economic development and provide an essential basic human need. Glocorp work closely with technology owners to offer reliable solutions
that contribute to these objectives.

Banking and Finance

The transition from traditional business and marketing logic into script interfaces is key to accelerate market deployment and reduce cost for the Banking and Finance industry.
The customer experience journey is of paramount
importance. Glocorp's partnerships enable this
transformation journey.


Industry requires intelligent and adaptive technologies to improve productivity of non-human and human activities. These solution digitize and automate previously exclusive human-driven activities into effective co-existent automated activities.
Glocorp design and implement Industrial IoT and
process automation solutions.

Cyber Security

The drive to digitize society and industry bring new daunting challenges to safeguard end-users.
This ever-evolving threat requires advanced
state-of-the-art end-point protection and tools built on adaptive artificial intelligence. Glocorp bring world-class
solutions to address this major
new-world challenge.


Communication networks provide essential digital access for telecommunication and IT end-users looking for content rich applications and for more choice to enhance personal and professional experiences whilst not being restricted to a single location. Glocorp contribute to communication network evolution through implementation, testing and monitoring solutions to T1 and T2 communication networks.


The need for adaptive and intelligent healthcare systems that are able to provide digital health information in near
real-time for a variety of pre-existing and new human health challenges have never been so important as recents events illustrated. Glocorp assess and enable rapid
implementation of the latest technologies focussed on tackling this dynamic need.

Our Services


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Profitable partnerships need to clearly identify business objectives that can be effectively implemented to deliver value consistently. Glocorp's unique "Triple A" approach orchestrates Assets, Ability and Act into a truly effective goal driven implementation program. Our partnership models enable value creation through:
- Rapid Deployment Model: focus on key short-term deliverables through limited risk sharing.
- Market Development Model: offer medium to long-term approach to evolve partnerships from risk sharing into formal partnerships with common objectives.
- Co-ownership Model: high value opportunities that require formal co-ownership structures to take advantage of local market needs that are both immediate and long-term of nature.


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Glocorp's local market knowledge offers great value to our partners to define market needs, identify opportunities and to design implementation programs that deliver successful execution of growth strategies. Our consultative approach includes:

- Business Review – deliverable “Growth Business Review”

- Market analysis – deliverable “Expansion Analysis”

- Business Gap Analysis – deliverable “Business Objectives”

- Plan – deliverable “Business Execution Plan”

- Drive execution – deliverable “Business Results” (Measured)

Operations Delivery

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Service delivery is core to the abilities of Glocorp that encapsulates our entire value proposition and underpins effective and profitable partnerships. Glocorp is experienced in delivering programs either in concert with or on behalf of our customer-partners to our targeted industries and in various countries in Africa and Europe. Our delivery offerings are:

- Customer solution consultation

- Technical and commercial design and planning

- Delivery and Implementation

- System and sub-system Integration

- Monitoring and service assurance

Our Story

Glocorp have deep roots in energy and telecommunication in Africa since 2007. The combination of business development, design, technology market evaluation, project management and implementation offer great value to our partners and customers. The founding members of Glocorp have been extensively involved in mobile communication network deployment in Africa since 1994 and in the energy sector in Africa since 2009.  

 Glocorp's merger with GreenX Incorporated, a company that focussed on delivering bespoke energy solutions to Africa, and with Listerus and Partners Corporate Advisors that are a market entry and growth specialist in ICT, combines key attributes able to offer excellent value in delivering technology in new frontiers.


Theo Minne
Group CEO and Managing Member
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Theo heads up Glocorp and is based in South Africa. Main focus is to drive growth and diversification within the group and manage local operations in South Africa. Entrepreneur, growth and strategy specialist and innovator with extensive executive experience in Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities to private industries in Africa and selective European countries.

Brian Lacey
Managing Member (Germany)
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Brian is a Senior Management Partner at Glocorp and based in Germany. Principal role is to advise and engage with clients with a focus on geographical expansion strategies. Brian has extensive international management experience and held senior roles for companies in the UK, Spain, Sweden and Germany. Main business activity has been in the Electronics, ICT, Energy and Automotive industries.

Robin Blackburn
Managing Member (United Kingdom)
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Robin serves as the Senior Management Partner of Glocorp located in the United Kingdom. His principal role is to engage with clients to expand their geographical strategies to diversify in Africa. Robin has held senior roles in Management Consulting, Strategy, Business Development and Sales in South Africa, UAE and United Kingdom. Main activities focus on Information, Communication and Technologies.

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Africa requires stakeholders from Africa and around the world to collaborate and partner in order to address the vast deficit to power access in a sustainable and integrated manner. Great initiatives exist that fundementally look to transform the livelyhood of many Africans. Smart Grid Incubator Africa (SGIA) is one such initiative offering a platform for digital transformation. 

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European Offices:
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